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Top 5 geeky things to look forward to in Nerdgasm: Aug 6 – 10, 2018


Disney wants original Star Wars film rights back

A New Hope

Back in 2016, Disney wasn’t planning on launching their awesome new streaming service. So they thought it’d be a great idea to sell the original Star Wars TV rights to Turner Broadcasting, which also means they sold off their streaming rights too… So for the first few years of existence, we won’t be able to stream the first 6 star wars films. They won’t be able to buy it back until 2024 and Turner has no desire to give them back so soon either. Guess you can’t own it all House of Mouse.

Sir Patrick Stewart is returning to Star Trek!


Last month we learned the Star Trek franchise were developing 4 new TV series and possibly having sir Patrick Stewart return to one of them.This weekend the deal has been sealed, he’ll be returning as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the series. This won’t be a reboot of the Next Generation but covering another chapter in Picard’s life. Some of the original cast are still in question to return or able to make appearances. 

 Dave Bautista is taking a strong stance on the James Gunn firing


The cast and fans of Guardians of the Galaxy have been extremely vocal to Disney about them firing director James Gunn. From the cast writing an open letter to Disney to fans gathering over 300,000 signatures for a petition to reinstate him. Now actor Dave Bautista who plays Drax, is going as far as saying he will quit the cast if they don’t use James Gunn’s original script for GOTG 3. In an interview Bautista claims he’s not defending the tweets but people change. So far Disney hasn’t mentioned a word if they’ll bring him back but most experts believe they won’t who these experts are… I dunno. We’ll find out more before Guardians 3 is supposed to hit theaters in 2020…

Which led to the news that Marvel WILL use his script for part 3


Turns out Marvel IS going to use it but if you’re expecting for Gunn to return, you’ll be sad or happy to know, depending on your take, they are not asking him to direct. Apparently he’s locked into some complicated negotiations but could still make a profit off of the script. And word around town is that Warner Brothers now wants to pick up James Gunn to direct a DC movie.

Sony is releasing a special edition translucent PS4! 


Sony is celebrating 500 million units sold across the PlayStation’s lifespan — PlayStation 2, 3, 4, Portable, Vita and PlayStation VR — with a special, limited edition Blue Translucent PlayStation 4 Pro. It is gorgeous. Only 50,000 will be produced and will include a 2TB hard drive, matching Dualshock 4 controller with the PS4 camera. Something extra cool is the limited edition number engraved on a commemorative copper plate fixed to the front. The bundle will run just under $500 and go on sale early Sept.