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Top 5 geeky things to look forward to in Nerdgasm: July 2 – July 6, 2018


Jim Carrey is going to play the villain in a live action Sonic The Hedgehog movie! 


There’s a new Sonic the Hedgehog movie in the works and Jim Carrey is in talks to play Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the Blue Blur’s longtime nemesis or also known as Eggman. Sonic himself will be a computer-generated animated character when the flick launches. James Marsden (best known as Cyclops in the X-Men flicks) and Tika Sumpter (The Haves and the Have Nots) have already been cast but their roles are not yet known.


Samsung Mobile phones leaking photos to contacts without permission 

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Bad news for us Samsung phone users. It looks like there was a new update download that’s sending all your photos to some of your contacts. Right now it’s Samsung Galaxy s9’s and 9+’s are affected but they think it may even go back to the S7 and S7 edge’s too. For now, Samsung owners can revoke Samsung Message’s permissions to access storage to avoid the bug from sending their files out in the wild.

 Amazon is going to put out a Holiday toy catalog


So now that Toys R Us is officially closed…RIP….Amazon’s swooping in and literally taking a page out of their book by creating a fall Toy Catalog. Not sure if you remember, Toys R Us would send out a 100 page Big Book toy catalog in the fall so we could start creating a wish list. It’s basically just another amazon Prime Day for toys, in book form. Which PS. get those wallets ready, Amazon Prime Day is coming up July 16th.

Ant Man & The Wasp is out in theaters today! 


Timmons had a chance to see the movie a bit early and really enjoyed it! The movie was even better than the first one. Very funny and lighthearted, which is perfect after the world changing Infinity War. All the actors were great and brought great life to their characters. Evangeline Lilly kicked all of the butt, but was followed not too far behind by the villain Ghost played by Hannah John-Kamen. A sympathetic and realistic villain. Great laughs and great action line this family comedy; that at many times feels more like an action adventure comedy sci fi, rather than a “superhero movie”.  All in all, it’s a very good movie and a great way to escape this desert heat.