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Top 5 geeky things to look forward to in Nerdgasm: July 30 – August 3, 2018


Star Wars: Episode IX cast announced! 


Cast announcements for Star Wars Episode 9 have been revealed this past weekend.  Of course the gang from The Last Jedi, Billy Dee Williams appearing as Lando Calrissian, but the biggest reveal comes from the late Carrie Fisher. They’re adding unreleased footage from the force awakens to create a satisfying conclusion to the Skywalker saga. Mark Hamill’s also coming back, possibly as a Force ghost?

 Adidas teaming up with DragonBall Z for some shoes!


Sneaker company Adidas is collaborating with Dragon Ball Z, one of the most popular anime in the world, for a pretty dope line of sneakers. Sometime in August they plan on releasing Goku and Frieza themed shoes with others to follow. While the full line has yet to be officially revealed by Adidas, the rollout of the sneakers is said to be starting sometime later this month.


 You can now hire video game tutors for your kids?


Parents across the world are starting to pay for tutors to help their kids develop skills at Fortnite. Some parents claim they simply don’t want their kids losing matches, others are taking lessons for themselves so they aren’t so embarrassed when they play the game, and some are even taking lessons alongside their kids as a bonding experience.

Disney/Fox merger is officially approved all around and can begin


Well it’s official.. The Disney and Fox merger is approved. Last year Disney was willing to spend billlions of dollars to buy the majority of Fox’s films, TV shows and assets except Comcast wanted to get in on the deal too. Sadly for Comcast, they just couldn’t compete with Disney money. And now that Fox shareholders have approved Disney’s $71 BILLION DOLLAR OFFER, the merger is complete and just think, we can now live in a world where the Fantastic Four movies are really good!

A haboob hit the mini downtown Phoenix at Legoland Discovery Center in Tempe!


Haboobs have been taking over the valley this past week and it looks like an even bigger dustorm hit The Legoland Discovery Center at Arizona Mills Mall. Cause they just released a super sweet stop motion video recreating the city of Phoenix, being overtaken by our massive dust storms. In the video you see the giant wall of dust and dirt all done with Legos slowly creeping over downtown phoenix. They even recreated Sky Harbor airport, fallen trees and light poles in the streets and a few other great locations. It’s pretty amazing, check out the video when you get a chance.