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Top 5 geeky things to look forward to in Nerdgasm: July 9 – July 13, 2018


NASA is headed to the sun! 

2015 Itlay

Nasa is launching a new interplanetary spacecraft to “touch” the sun. Clearly, they’ve never been to Arizona because that’s basically what we do on the daily. The Parker Solar Probe is meant to get closer to the Sun than any vehicle before it and they’re using a new heat shield that weighs 160lbs made to withstand our normal asphalt temp of 2500 degrees. Maybe if it works out, we can start building better housing with it?

Can’t beat the original! Billy Dee Williams to return in Star Wars: Episode IX


Billy Dee Williams the O.G. Lando Calrissian is returning to a galaxy, far far away in Star Wars Episode 9! Rumors started when the 81 yr old actor revealed a new fitness program and cancelled some appearance at comic cons.

The Martin Scorsese and Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie is officially a go! 


It’s looking like Joaquin Phoenix is officially joining the DC superhero roster. Warner Bros. has officially greenlit the standalone Joker origin movie that will be separate from the current DC cinematic universe. Get this, Both Todd Phillips, director of Old School, and the legendary mobster movie director, Martin Scorsese, will behind the camera for this movie. It’s rumored to feature the Clown Prince of Crime as a failed 1980s comedian who becomes The Joker after a series of terrible events. So even though there’s a few different Joker movies happening, this is the one I’m most excited for.

We’re getting a new Robocop movie! (again?)


Oh man, there’s another new Robocop coming to us  and it’s a sequel to the original. RoboCop Returns will once again take audiences to Detroit, where “anarchy reigns” and RoboCop must fight crime and corruption. Yeah, there’s already a RoboCop 2 that came out in the 90’s, but this sequel was actually written by the original peeps who first wrote the film. It didn’t happen back then cause there was a writers strike and get this, they even predicted that a reality tv star would win the us presidency plus a few other things. Yeah I know we’re in a world of reboot city so I’m curious to see how it goes with a sequel that’s not quite a reboot. 

We’re finally getting a Rick and Morty Soundtrack!


Raise the posterior, we are getting the shwifty sounds of the Rick and Morty on a double album release. Adult swim and sub pop are coming out with a 26 track soundtrack covering the past 3 seasons. The first release is Sept. 28th with a deluxe edition to follow Nov. 23rd that will include a bunch of extra goodies and an extra track. All together you’ll have a chance to buy a cd, a cassette, a double LP, a digital copy, and the deluxe edition that includes all of the above.