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Top 5 geeky things to look forward to in Nerdgasm: May 14 – May 18, 2018


We’re getting a sequel to Willow!


Before Director Ron Howard collaborated with Lucasfilms in Solo: A Star Wars Story, out May 25th, he first worked with the George Lucas in the 80’s classic Willow. Well, while Howard was speaking to he made mention that there’s been some talk of Willow but it wouldn’t be Willow 2. Instead they would follow Elora Danan, the baby Willow became caretaker of in the cult classic, and of course Willow played by Warwick Davis would be heavily involved. If this is so… and this possibility could become a reality… Maybe we’ll get a fun cameo from Val Kilmer as Madmartigan!



NES Classic is returning! (Again?) 


If you didn’t get your hands on the first 2 waves of the NES classic mini… you’re in luck, Nintendo is re-releasing the re-release. The mini retro console is back on shelves on June 29th and they’re guaranteeing they’ll be available through the end of the year. It’ll include 30 NES Games and a controller, hopefully with a longer cord connected to it. 


We’re officially getting a Zombieland 2!


Can’t believe next year marks the 10 year anniversary of ZombielandTo really celebrate the anniversary, the double tappin Zom Com is getting a sequel! True story, they’re currently working on Zombieland 2 as we speak and yes my twinkie lovers, Woody Harrelson or Tallahassee will reunite with the rest of the gang: Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone. The studio company is hoping to release the Zombieland sequel in October of next year.


Microsoft making Adaptive Controller for players with disabilities!


Good guy microsoft has announced an Xbox controller for people with disabilities.  The controller kinda looks like an old school console or a turntable with  two large programmable buttons and 19 jacks that can be connected to a range of joysticks, buttons, and switches to make it easier for a wider range of people to play games on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. They’re trying to focus on connectivity and customization in order to meet players needs. The Xbox Adaptive Controller will cost $99.99 and goes on sale later this year.


Net Neutrality scores a big win with the Senate!


You guys, just when we thought the Internet was doomed to let big name companies have free reign of how we get our info… The United States Senate voted this week that the internet, and the way we know it, for now will stay the same thanks to you! The ones who called and voiced their thoughts on why this should stay the way it is. It’s a great win for the battle, but the war isn’t quite over yet! We still need to convince the house majority to leave it and that requires more people getting involved.