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Top 5 items to bring to the #PokemonMo meet up!

It’s been a week since the release of Pokemon Go and it’s taken on a whole new life. It’s the first game to force people to go outside and ACTUALLY explore their surroundings. That’s why this Friday we’re going to explore Tempe Beach Park’s surroundings with myself and The ALT AZ A-Team. I’m sure most of you have already started catchin’ em all but in case you’re a newbie, here are some things you’re gonna wanna bring with you on our meet up. Now, these things aren’t required but it will make your life easier. Especially #5 if you’re trying to win tickets to shows like The Offspring, Vans Warped Tour, Rebelution, Ben Harper, Silversun Pickups, Soul Asylum and SOLD OUT Twenty One Pilots tickets.

External Batteries

External Battery Charger

Photo via Youtube

Let’s face it, you’re going to be using your phone A LOT. Between playing the app, using your flashlight in dark areas and posting pics to twitter… you’re gonna burn through that battery, fast. That’s why an external battery will come in handy when you’re out there hunting. And I’m sure us fellow trainers have been there, trying to catch a Pokemon with only 2% battery left, just hoping to beat the clock.


Water bottles

Photo via Pixabay

This one should be a no-brainer. If you’re not carrying around water in Arizona, you’re asking for a death wish. ESPECIALLY IN THE SUMMER. Now with Pokemon Go being forcing us to all go outside and experience the heat, water is basically mandatory. Plus when you’re out training, time flies. You could be out in the sun for well over 2 hours. So leave your energy drinks, iced coffees and sodas at home.

Comfortable shoes

walking shoes

Photo via Pixabay

This is a must if you’re going to be walking over 2 miles tomorrow trying to catch that Magikarp. Plus you don’t want feel like your walking on fire the next day.



Photo via Pixabay

Where else are you going to store your water, external battery and nerd loving soul? Plus it’ll come in handy if you snag some swag from the A-Team 😀

ALT AZ Love!

Dustin's Fan

This one is pretty important if you’re trying to catch tickets to Silversun Pickups, Warped Tour, Ben Harper, Soul Asylum, Rebelution, Offspring or that SOLD OUT Twenty One Pilots show. MAKE YOUR OWN SWAG! Represent ALT AZ as hard as you can. If not, no worries, just grab some swag from the ALT AZ A-Team to help out your pics.

I’ll see ya out there! Happy training!