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Transitioning to Fall While It’s Still Hot Out



September 22nd marks the start to what has recently become the most beloved season of the year. In the past couple of decades fall has turned into this huge celebration of pumpkin scented, maple flavored, cinnamon topped-hayrides on steroids. For years, I fought this – I’m not going to lie. I didn’t want to be a “basic bitch.” But then one day I realized, who cares!

I don’t want to spend an entire season being salty just because it seems overhyped. Instead, I’ve decided to embrace it with open arms this year. There hasn’t been joy to toss around during this never-ending lock down on fun so no point in sulking around complaining about something that brings other people so much happiness. So this year I’m trying it all. I’ve dipped my toes in it in the past and enjoyed it. Now I’m diving in and soaking up all the fall fun I can get.

The unfortunate thing about choosing THIS year to do this is that the fun it more limited than ever, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to be had if you get creative and are willing to go the extra mile.

The first thing stopping most of us from barging into fall is the fact that we are in Arizona. It’s still 100 degrees outside at the start of fall. The transition is rough. We watch friends from all over of the country bust out their cardigans and knee-high boots while the leaves change at the first flick of September. Meanwhile, we’d be lucky to find a place with enough trees to build a life pile. We aren’t waiting for cooler weather this year. Let’s start embracing the fun of the season now. Here are some things you can start doing today!



1. Get out the decor!

This is always the first thing I do. You don’t need cooler temps to enjoy a themed home. Nothing gets you in the spirit quite like coming home to a festive space. The best part about this is the personal flavor you can add to it. You might be into display pumpkins and hanging leaves or you might jump right to the halloween decorations. There is no wrong way!

Fall is a great holiday for crafting your own decoration too. Making your own wreaths, centerpieces, painting pumpkins and more. For some easy craft inspiration take a stroll through Michael’s or hop on Pinterest.


2. Switch up your wardrobe colors.

Well, in the Phoenix area it’s not quite time to throw on a cardigan or scarf but it doesn’t mean you can’t dress for fall entirely. Switch out your wardrobe to fall colors. It’s a great reason to shop if you’ve been looking for one. Light weight shirts with oranges, reds, deep greens and neutrals. Find a skeleton themed tee or something that makes a pumpkin pun. If you really want to step it up, find some fall scented perfume! When you walk in a room people will be looking for around for cinnamon rolls.

The best part about living in Phoenix and shopping for the fall- is that a lot of stuff that works for our fall is what is going on clearance for big brands. Fall shopping and saving money before the holidays is a double win.



3. Start buying more fall foods.

This chef in me LOVES this one. Not everyone is a cook but the fall is the perfect time to experiment. Mostly because the food are so easy to cook with and are difficult to burn!

What you’re going to want to stalk up on is spaghetti squash, acorn squash, butternut squash, pecans, almonds, apples, cinnamon and brown sugar. The possibilities are endless and your house is going to smell amazing around dinner time. If you have an instant pot, your life just got even easier. You can make some 5 star meals with fall foods in one of those babies. I’ll have to do a post about fall recipes to get you all started- but once again Pinterest is a great place to start.

My favorite part is Halloween themed food! That’s where your creativity can shine… and where you might gain a little weight. Oops.


4. Plan fall outdoor activities.

This one looks a little different this year. Make sure you’re practicing safety guidelines as flu season will be in full swing – but there should be plenty of things to available to you. Corn mazes, trips to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch, even wine tours. You don’t need a large group to have fun at those things. In fact, they are normally the most fun when there aren’t a lot of people there.

A trip to the apple orchard makes for a great date. Beautiful scenery, great smells and normally, some amazing trips at the end of it! A trip to the pumpkin patch could easily spawn a whole week of crafting fun and corn mazes are a great way to get outside while flexing that brain.

Getting outdoors as the temperature slowly starts to drop in Phoenix is the perfect way to get you in the mood.



5. Go up north to where the weather matches the season.

Weeks go by and it’s STILL too hot for you? No worries, just take a weekend to go up north! You don’t even have to go very far to reach those perfectly crisp temperatures. There are some beautiful AirBnB rooms in Sedona and cabins in Flagstaff that let you have that woodsy experience. Grab the family, circle up around a fire pit and spend an intimate weekend together where you can finally wear all the boots and scarfs your heart desires.


6. Start preparing for Halloween!

One of the most exciting things about the fall is Halloween. No matter how old you get there is something magical about getting to dress up and be someone (or something) else for a day (or a few days if you’re lucky.) It’s not just the actual day to look forward to. It’s the parties, (which will probably be different this year,) the decorations and my favorite – the food! Halloween themed food is bound to put a smile on your face.

I’m someone who gets REALLY into their costume. So for me prepping for the day can take the entire month. Hunting for the perfect pieces to go with your costume and make-up to match it a great way to spend the season and get in the spirit of fall.


Time to take on the fall with force force- even if we are melting through it. Spreading around the fun of the season is going to help us kick our 2020 blues and send us into a good start for next year.

What’s on your fall schedule? Let me know in the comments and your activity could get featured on a future post!


Bye, Friends!