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Travis Barker spent $8,000 to get a skull put on his tooth

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Rock stars…they’re just like us! What, you mean you don’t routinely drop thousands of dollars to decorate your teeth with diamonds?

A dentist named Dr. Thomas Connelly just told E! News that Travis Barker recently had Connelly make him a tooth veneer with a diamond skull on it, and revealed that the permanent platinum-and-diamond skull, which Connelly says is built into a porcelain crown, cost $8,000.

“He came to me a few months ago, he wanted something cool,” Connelly told E! News. “He wanted something people hadn’t done before.” The Blink-182 drummer shared Connelly’s post on his Instagram story.

Connelly added that Barker’s girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, was there when Travis got the skull installed, dishing, “She loves it, too. She thinks it’s hot.”


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