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Try These 7 Ways to Relax


As you get older, finding ways to relax gets harder and harder. Conventional methods just aren’t practical for anyone with a busy schedule. I think we would all love to be able to just hit the spa and get a massage or afford getting a manicure on the regular, but for many of us, that isn’t in the books.

Time to think a little outside the box and take a different approach to unwinding. Try some of these ideas that don’t involve binge watching TV all day!

1. Use scent

The nose is a powerful tool! People really underestimate the strength of scent. 

Scent can trigger memories, make you sick or hungry. Likewise, it can also help you feel happy or relaxed. Aromatherapy is very versatile. It’s used in healthcare and in spas.

I have trouble sleeping. My third trimester of pregnancy hasn’t made it any easier. I got a diffuser for the baby after hearing it can help them soothe and decided to open it up early. Hallelujah! It has helped me so much at night. One of my issues was not being able to relax my muscles to get comfy in bed. Thanks to some essential oils, it only takes 15 minutes for me to stop readjusting.

You can use scent in other ways. Light a candle! Or make some cookies if the smell of sweets does the trick for you. The nose knows!

2. Find a hobby

This method isn’t exactly unconventional but is often overlooked. Hobby’s aren’t meant to take you to a place of happiness. It’s easiest to relax when you are happy. 

Not all hobbies are relaxing but there are many you can try that don’t accelerate your heart rate too much. Doodling, knitting, whittling wood, carving soap, baking, writing. Find something that helps you zone out for a while. Don’t be afraid to try a couple things until you find something that really works.

3. Work on a Puzzle

Puzzles! There are loads of benefits to doing puzzles and one of them is the fact that they are relaxing. 

Unwinding doesn’t always mean shutting off your brain entirely. If you’re someone that needs to be always doing something, relaxing by way of mental exercise might be for you. 

If you plan to become a puzzler, get one of those puzzle mats. It will allow you to roll up the puzzle while working on it so it doesn’t always have to be out on the table. 

4. Sit Outside

Get out there with the nature! Right now in the valley it is the perfect time of year for this. There is lot sod research to back up the effects of being surrounded by nature. 

It helps clear your mind and so much more. But let’s focus on the clearing of your mind. Many people can’t relax because they have too many thoughts going through their head. 

Whether you’re laying out tanning or going on a stroll, get outside as a way to help yourself unwind from the day. 

5. Use a Heating Pad

Use some heat! There is a reason people love hot tubs and bubble baths. Heat is a major tool used in relaxing. Mainly because it naturally puts your muscles at ease. 

You don’t need to be sore to bust out a heating pad! Grab one and lay it on your back or legs while you sit on the couch or even while you work (if you have a sitting job.)

Can’t sleep at night? Heating pad! Fall asleep faster by getting your body to release tension quicker. For an added edge, try a weighted blanket! I haven’t had one myself but I’ve used one before and it was magical. Thinking about pulling the trigger and buying my own for Valentine’s Day! 

6. Lower Lighting 

The nose is a powerful tool but so are your eyes! When bright light is around, your eyes tense up, squint, and work harder to process what is around you. 

When you need to relax, try closing the blinds or turning off the lights and switching to candles. Even just switching the types of bulbs you have in a room can be helpful. Changing a from white light to warmer lights can alter the vibe of a room instantly.

Considering installing dimmers in whatever room you need to relax in. 

7. No TV, Try Reading.

Finally, NO TV. Everyone knows TV is not actually relaxing. It takes a lot of your brain. It’s constant stimulation with no creativity aspect attached to it. It’s also addicting and can literally alter your brain waves. So kick tv watching to the curb as your form of relaxing and try reading instead!

Reading isn’t for everyone- although it should be! But listening to music works too. To see the benefits of listening to music click HERE

For type A personalities, relaxing doesn’t come naturally. It’s not a one size fits all kind of activity. Try more than one option before you give up! We all can relax! It’s just about finding our key. Combine some of these ideas if you have to. Everyone deserves a go-to relaxation method that fits their lifestyle.



Bye, Friends!