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Two Feet teases "completely different direction" with upcoming new material

Credit: Johannes Lovund

Two Feet just released his debut album Pink in March, but he’s already nearly finished with a follow-up record.

“My next one is actually almost done,” the “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” singer tells ABC Audio. “I’m about to write the last song for the next album.”

Two Feet — non-stage name: Bill Dess — says that he’s “super excited” about the fresh material, which he says goes in a “completely different direction” from Pink, a guitar-driven record sprinkled with instrumental interludes.

“It’s way more vocal,” Dess says of the new stuff. “There’s way more singing, lyrics, stuff like that.”

Dess adds that he was “listening to a ton of The Strokes” while working on the upcoming album.

“It does sort of have minor influence from that and The White Stripes and stuff like that,” he says. “I’m honestly really excited about this new music.”

By Josh Johnson
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