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Violent Femmes announce 40th anniversary reissue of self-titled debut album

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Violent Femmes have announced a 40th anniversary reissue of their 1983 self-titled debut album.

The deluxe package, due out December 1, includes remastered audio of the original record as well as various demos and live tracks.

“I am frequently stopped on the street by people who tell me, ‘Your album changed my life,’ or some variant,” says bassist Brian Ritchie. “I don’t have to ask, ‘Which album?’ because it is implied that they’re talking about the first one. The uncanny thing is that these people range from early teens to septuagenarians, and they all have the same testimony.”

“Sometimes music is more than just a pleasing sound that entertains. It takes on greater meaning,” Ritchie continues. “Multiple generations have found the songs to be relevant in their life situations. Some people say they had sex for the first time listening to it (which I find appalling but whatever) and someone even said, ‘I was conceived to your music.’ Wow.”

The album Violent Femmes features the band’s signature song “Blister in the Sun” as well as the tunes “Please Do Not Go,” “Gone Daddy Gone” and “Add It Up.” You can listen to a live version of the remastered “Gone Daddy Gone” now via digital outlets.

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