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Watch Dogs 2 is coming…

Watch Dogs 2 reveal trailer

With E3 (the biggest electronic and video game convention) around the corner, we can start to expect a lot of new technology and video game reveals comin up. Ubisoft is tryin to stay ahead of the game this year, no pun intended, by revealing the NEW Watch Dogs 2 trailer. I really don’t think this game will disappoint. Personally I love the first one, hacking almost everything in the game from cameras, peoples phones, cars and even parts of the city. Although Ctos is still in play (The invasive cameras that over watch cities and people) we’ve got a new hero: Marcus Holloway. A brilliant hacker in San Fransisco trying to pull off the hack of the century. I’ll be at E3 this year, I can’t wait to demo this game and let you know how it really is but for now, check out the World Premiere below and let me know what you think!


Watch Dogs 2 will be out on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC November 15th, 2016.