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Watch Tool’s Justin Chancellor & Danny Carey play Santa & elves in new bass pedal ad

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David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Tool‘s Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey are embracing the holiday spirit in a new commercial for the Dunlop USA Cry Baby Wah bass pedal.

The goofy clip finds Chancellor’s head CGI-ed onto a young boy who opens up a Christmas present to find the pedal and proceeds to rock out a metal version of the holiday classic “Carol of the Bells.” That’s when Santa, also played by Chancellor, opens the door.

“Aw, he loves it, lads!” Santa exclaims to his elves, played by — you guessed it — Chancellor again, along with Carey.

The ad then ends with a series of fake proclamations and disclaimers, including “Tool totally endorsed this ad as a band. They actually did not, so don’t tell them. They are mysterious.” You can watch the ad now streaming on YouTube.

Should you also want a Dunlop USA Cry Baby Wah bass pedal as a holiday present, visit JimDunlop.com.

Chancellor and Carey will be back together on the live stage for Tool’s upcoming 2022 tour, kicking off in January.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.) 

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