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Wave of nonstop music: Pixies bringing new tunes & TikTok hits to US tour

Courtesy of Pixies

Alt rock veterans Pixies are returning to the road this week for a U.S. tour. The outing marks the group’s first full-length trek stateside in support of their new album, Doggerel, which dropped last September.

Coming off a run through Europe, guitarist Joey Santiago feels that the fresh material has gone over very well in the live setting.

“From my point of view playing live, they absolutely love it,” Santiago tells ABC Audio. “They know the lyrics, and when they don’t, they are into it, they’re very much into it.”

During those shows in Europe, Pixies often played more than 35 songs, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else.

“We don’t do stage banter,” Santiago shares. “[Frontman Black Francis] has been doing some, when it’s comfortable. But we don’t do it just for the hell of it … [Francis] doesn’t like to do it, you know?”

He laughs, “And I don’t wanna do it!”

In addition to plenty of Doggerel songs, you can also expect to hear Pixies classics during the tour, including “Where Is My Mind?”, which, despite never being released as an official single, has become perhaps the band’s defining song and continues to endure in today’s music scene.

“My kids [are] telling me it’s trending on TikTok,” Santiago says. “So, that’s good.”

“It’s become our ‘(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,'” he adds. “I think we should just call it that: ‘Where Is My Mind?’ aka ‘(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.’ We have to play it.” 

Pixies’ tour kicks off Thursday in Oakland, California. For a preview, you can tune into the group’s performance Tuesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, airing at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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