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Weezer closes out ‘Kimmel’ seasonal residency with “I Want a Dog” performance

ABC/Randy Holmes

Throughout the year, Weezer has been playing a seasonal residency on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, performing on the ABC late-night show to celebrate the release of each of the band’s SZNZ EPs. On Thursday, Rivers Cuomo and company closed out the residency with a rendition of “I Want a Dog,” the lead single off the upcoming SZNZ: Winter EP.

The performance fittingly featured a backdrop of a wintry landscape, while the stage itself was lit as if snow was on the ground. You can watch it streaming now on YouTube.

Winter, the fourth and final SZNZ EP, arrives on the first day of the season, December 21. For the previous three EPs, Spring, Summer and Autumn, Weezer’s Kimmel performances featured the songs “A Little Bit of Love,” “Records” and “What Happens After You.”

Weezer’s 2023 plans so far include sets at the Innings festivals in Florida and Arizona, and Kentucky’s Railbird festival.

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