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Weezer reveals release dates for ‘SZNS’ albums

Dylan Buell/Drone Racing League/Getty Images

The season of Weezer will soon be upon us. Or, rather, SZNS.

Last year, frontman Rivers Cuomo announced a plan to release four Weezer albums in 2022, each tied to one of the calendar’s four seasons. In a tweet this week, Cuomo revealed the release dates for the SZNS records.

Spring will arrive on March 20, followed by Summer on June 20, Fall on September 22, and Winter on December 21.

The announcement comes with two caveats, though. The first is that each of the release dates should coincide with the first day of that album’s corresponding season, and that if it doesn’t, Cuomo asks you to “please correct” him. While Spring, Fall and Winter are correct, the Farmers’ Almanac tells us the first day of summer is actually June 21.

The second caveat is that the release dates are “not confirmed with any record company or manager,” so who knows if they’ll actually stick.

Even if the SZNS albums don’t arrive as planned, you still have plenty of new Weezer music to listen to, since Cuomo and company released two records in 2021: OK Human and Van Weezer.

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