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Weezer will buy you a billboard if you win their pumpkin carving contest

ABC/Randy Holmes

Ever dream of having your name on a billboard? Well, here’s your chance to make that a reality, with some help from Weezer.

Rivers Cuomo and company have announced a Weezer-themed pumpkin carving contest. If you’re the grand prize winner, Weezer will get you your own billboard that will go up “somewhere in America.”

Why a billboard, you ask? It seems the prize was inspired by a recent TikTok in which a Weezer fan purchased a billboard above their business featuring the band’s name. Weezer then bought their own billboard in the area reading, “Thanks to whoever bought the billboard down the road — Weezer.”

If you think you have the pumpkin-carving skills to earn the attention of not just Weezer but random highway drivers, you can enter the contest via Weezerween.com.

In other seasonal Weezer happenings, the band released their latest SZNZ EP, Autumn, in September. The project, which also includes this year’s Spring and Summer EPs, is set to conclude in December with Winter.

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