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‘Weird!’ Yungblud-chewed gum turned into jewelry

ABC/Randy Holmes

A piece from Yungblud‘s U.S. tour is being turned into jewelry. No, not a pick, guitar string or a drum stick. Something a bit more, well, personal.

Fifteen necklaces have been made using a piece of gum Yungblud personally chewed during his recent live shows supporting his new self-titled album. The collection was made in collaboration with 5 Gum — each of the pieces is of 5’s bright blue Cobalt Peppermint flavor — and jeweler Greg Yuna.

Each necklace features the gum encased in Lucite and is surrounded by white diamonds while hanging from a 14K white gold chain.

While some might think that wearing a piece of Yungblud-chewed gum around neck is — to borrow the title from one of his albums — Weird!, a press release says that the collaboration is meant to “encourage people to embrace the thrill of taking a chance, pushing the limits of their craft, and doing what makes them feel alive.”

“I love these jewelry pieces that Greg Yuna created,” Yungblud says. “His work is next level and the fact that some of my fans will have the chance to own a little piece of history is amazing.”

The necklaces are currently up for auction on eBay; all proceeds will be donated to National Independent Venue Foundation.

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