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Wet Leg ponders album two: “I’m excited to approach writing in a different way”

ABC/Randy Holmes

After spending all year on the “Chaise Longue,” Wet Leg is starting to look toward album two.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the duo’s Hester Chambers shares that she and bandmate Rhian Teasdale hope to “have a bit of time next year to brainstorm.”

“If we write an album in a week that we love, that’s sick, but if it’s actually gonna take a year … we’ll have to wait and see,” Chambers says. “An album is like a snapshot, and you can set your intention. If you just want it to be, ‘This is what’s bringing us joy at the moment,’ that’s valid — or if you want to make sure it’s something, in your mind, that’s perfect, it takes a lot longer.”

Teasdale adds that she expects the next Wet Leg album to be more “collaborative” than the duo’s self-titled debut, which was released earlier this year.

“I’m excited to approach writing in a different way, because for the most part the album we just put out was mainly me and Hester,” Teasdale says. “Now that we’ve got our band around us, I’m looking forward to a much more collaborative, less lockdown-induced album-making experience.” 

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