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What a FREE concert with ALT AZ looks like


FREE? Seems too good to be true. No scams here. We really do throw free concerts. The Rock It Up concert series is a partnership with Tempe Marketplace where we can put on shows that ANYONE can come to! It’s a chance for artists to have an intimate performance in a beautiful outdoor plaza and a chance for you to get up close with one of your favorite up and coming bands. Why do we do it? It really seems like there should be a catch but there isn’t. We think everyone should be able to experience live music and understand tickets are out of reach financially sometimes. If you are just now hearing about the free concerts- don’t worry, you haven’t missed them entirely! We have more coming up. Check out our concert calendar for that.


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When you come to our next one, my best advice is to arrive early! There can be big lines depending on the artist and it is on a first come first serve basis since tickets aren’t sold and there is a capacity limit. Once you are through the doors, have your ID ready to get your (+21) wristband, if you’re legal. The bar really will turn you down without the wristband. By the way, the bar is quick service but it is CASH ONLY. Keep that in mind. There is an ATM inside the gates but if you can avoid they fee, why not! The artists that come are always so interactive with the audience. You really feel connected at a Tempe Marketplace concert experience. A lot of the artists we have booked are coming off of sold out shows- and you get to see them for free AND get it at a fun venue? You can view from the lawn at the foot of the stage, stand back on the concrete, or go up to the balcony for a birds eye view- great for shorties! Really no matter where you are you feel close to the musician which is my favorite part. Join of us for the next one! Tuesday, November 2nd we have I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME and the next day, November 3rd, Grabbitz to close out this round of Rock It Up! She won’t be gone for long though. 😉   KACIE  

Bye, Friends!