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What’s Included in the Mini Super NES and Starfox 2 in Nerdgasm News!

Star Fox 2 Cover



Nintendo’s Mini SNES Gets A Release Date and drops an unreleased game

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Yesterday, all the 90’s kids on the interwebs had a mini freak out when Nintendo dropped some major news about the mini SNES coming later this year. First big news, they have a release date! September 29th, You’ll be able to get the SNES mini classic edition with over 21 preloaded games for only $80 bucks! The system will have 2 controllers with double the cord length versus the mini NES that came with 1 and had the cord length of rat tail. They also stated Nintendo will be shipping out more consoles vs. the waves of 20 at each retailer and plugs in with  a regular HDMI cord.

Included in the 21 games is Starfox 2, an unreleased game that even surprised the programmer! Originally the game was supposed to be released back on Playstation and Sega Saturn days but the graphics were too advanced so the game got canned. Programmer Dylan Cuthbert stated “Our older retro form of 3D just didn’t cut it anymore and Nintendo didn’t want to raise comparisons,” he said. “I agree that strategically (if not emotionally) it was the correct decision. But now our older retro form of 3D is the new cool kid on the block, it’s perfect timing!” They spent 2 years making it and always wondered if it would ever be released… Sadly it’s taken over 20 years but at least we’ll get to see all the hard work they put into it.