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WILLOW named her dog Korn

Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images

As WILLOW has continued to explore heavier sounds in her own music, she’s shared her love for 2000s nu metal. Apparently, she’s such a fan that she named her dog after a staple of the scene.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the “Transparent Soul” rocker reveals the pup’s name is Korn.

“Korn all day, every day!” WILLOW says of the “Blind” outfit.

WILLOW also describes how bands including System of a Down and Deftones influenced her new album, .

“[SOAD frontman] Serj [Tankian] is a very spiritually connected human being, and you can feel it so potently,” WILLOW says. “And also, the Deftones, just the dichotomy of the really hard guitars and the darkness, but then also the feral vocal and the softness and the almost tenderness of his vocal is profound.”

Should WILLOW be looking for any dog supplies for Korn, frontman Jonathan Davis just launched his own pet brand called, of course, Freak on a Leash. 

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