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Wonder Woman’s Record Breaking Weekend & More in Nerdgasm News!

Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman Lasso’s in over 100 million in the box office this weekend

Wonder Woman

Confession! I have not seen the new Wonder Woman movie… yet! But I’ve heard nothing but good things! In fact, it was the movie on everyone’s minds this weekend, because Wonder Woman broke some box office records. Lassoing in over 100 million in the US and globally at 233 million, making WW the highest opening weekend EVER for a female director, Patty Jenkins. It’s great to see some female badassery in the world right now, what’s more bad ass is this is also the highest percentage of women going to see a superhero movie at 52%.


Typerwriters for your tablets

A retro keyboard company called Penna by Elretron were inspired by classic typewriters and didn’t want to see the design become obsolete. From the nostalgic sounds of the keys clicking to the return level, you’ll instantly return to the good ol days of remembering how important it was to spell everything correctly, because there was no delete button. Luckily techmology’s involved and liquid White Out became a thing of the past. The Penna connects to your tablet via bluetooth and the basic model starts at $180. You can get one HERE.

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