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Your next treat can be found at Sidewalk Saturdays in Phoenix

The beautiful thing about being in the city is being able to stumble upon new treasures without even trying ALL OF THE TIME!

*Just look up from your phone!*

Last weekend *New Girl* Izzy (check her out weekday mornings 6a-10a) and I were walking downtown to see the Phoenix Vegan brunch market that was open to grab some food and show her the area a touch. I know it’s laughable to think of ME showing somebody the area but here we are.

Naturally we get sidetracked saying we need to try this one place that looked really cute from the outside that she saw the other night. I’m never one to turn down seeing something new so we hoofed it over there. And to say we, “hoofed” it is SO dramatic, it was less than half of a mile.

And in the half of a mile…we got distracted AGAIN. When we got the the Churchill, we noticed all these vendors set up just outside that had some very quality things on display! Handcrafted jewelry, wooden kitchen utensils, natural baby products, and more!



This amazing gathering of local artisans and small business owners is called Sidewalk Saturdays.

Every single Saturday right outside of the Churchill in downtown Phoenix you can find a rotating list of friendly entrepreneurs ready to chat about and sell their products! Each stand was thoughtfully put together with a knowledgeable person often the owner) behind the table that made the experience a fun way to get grounded in our community.

Their Winter Market will be featured every Saturday Jan 15th – March 26 from 9am – 2 pm with over 50 local vendors on roster.

Since I’ve only been the one time, we only got to visit with a few of the vendors that Sidewalk Saturday has to offer in their winter season but this week one stand was shining above the other. Was it the is merchandise? The sweet corner booth spot? or the friendly owner who was happy to chat but never pushed anyone? I don’t know but it was ALL working for me. This is Melonie’s Boutique.



What first caught our eye was her jewelry. Honestly the set up could not have been more perfect, the sun caught the gold and you had no choice but to notice. She had things in display for about every personality type. Things more spiritually aligned, friendship pieces, punky, delicate, gem and solid pieces too. We spent a long time just looking and talking about each ornament. I guess we were *those* customers that you worry are clogging up space and won’t buy anything- no worries, we did!

After another 15 minutes trying on rings and trying to narrow down which ones completed our sets the best, we ended up snagging ourselves a deal and getting a couple after not being able to settle on one. Below you can see us sporting our new set including “friendship rings”- which are really just matching ringsThank you, Izzy!!


During our extended browse at Melonie’s Boutique we had lots of time to chat with the boutiques owner about her store. Melonie’s Boutique is named after her daughter, not herself. Much of the boutiques pieces are inspired by Melonie, including some trendy children’s pieces included in-stock.

When you visit her pop-up you can ask about the quality of her different pieces, what they are made of,  (and I’ll answer this one for you, yes you can shower with them if you’re into that,) and she can even size some of them for you right there with her handy tool. It’s easy to get carried away at her stand. You start picking up the ones you like and before you know it have your hands full of jewelry. *oops*

Whether you are now dying to check out what Melonie’s Boutique has for you to treat yourself with or you have a gifting need coming up, you should definitely make a pass at the Churchill next Saturday you get the chance! Sidewalk Saturdays are a fun way to shop local makers that maybe you wouldn’t have normally been able to encounter. If you’ve only ever shopped their online stores, it’s a great chance to meet the people providing what you love and get insight on your products that, through an online order, you aren’t able to ask.

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Bye, Friends!