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Yungblud recruits fan for new version of "Parents"


A Yungblud fan’s TikTok video has led to a collaboration with the U.K. rocker himself.

Earlier this year, Yungblud noticed that his song “Parents” was trending on TikTok, and encouraged users to share their own, original verses for track. He then chose one in particular, posted by a 19-year-old named Chloe Noone, to be recorded in a professional studio and then be officially released.

Wednesday morning, Yungblud tweeted a video of him calling up Noone and telling her he wanted to record her “Parents” verse. After seeing her understandably jubilant reaction, we also get some footage of Noone in the studio as Yungblud coaches her over a video chat.

“[Noone’s] verse just jumped out of the screen and especially right now what she is talking about is something people [really] need to hear!” Yungblud says.

You can listen to “Parents” feat. Chloe Noone now via digital outlets.

The original “Parents” appears on Yungblud’s 2019 EP, The Underrated Youth.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

By Josh Johnson
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