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Yungblud teases upcoming album about the "mental road that is life"

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Credit: Tom Pallant

Yungblud has recently released new singles “Weird!” and “Strawberry Lipstick,” and as the U.K. rocker tells ABC Audio, you can expect a whole lot more music coming down the pipeline.

“I’ve got a record ready to go,” Yungblud says. “[It’s] just about rolling it out.”

The upcoming album will be the sophomore full-length from Yungblud, born Dominic Harrison, following his 2018 debut effort, 21st Century Liability. That record found an angst-riddled Harrison singing about being young and angry and rebellious, but he’s since discovered a newfound sense of hope and optimism. He feels that “Weird!” specifically represents the start of a “new era of what Yungblud is.”

“I was so angry before,” Harrison explains. “I was so angry at the world because I felt like it misunderstood me all my life.”

“But then I met my fanbase — I call them my family — and I figured out that I didn’t need to be angry anymore,” he continues. “Because these people understand me.”

Overcoming anger is just one piece of the large pie that is Yungblud’s sophomore album, which he says is “about everything.”

“It talks about sexual liberation, sexual identity, identity in general, drugs, sex, abandonment, rejection, heartbreak,” Harrison says. “Everything that a human goes through walking down this f***ing mental road that is life.”

By Josh Johnson
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