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Yungblud’s got two more albums “ready to go”: “I can’t wait for you to hear it”

C Brandon/Redferns

Yungblud‘s ready to double his discography.

Speaking with NME, the U.K. rocker says he’s got not one, but two new records “ready to go.”

“When Weird! went to number one [in the U.K.], everyone said, ‘Go on holiday, have a rest,'” Yungblud says, referring to his 2020 sophomore effort. “But I went straight up to Leeds to a studio 20 minutes from where I grew up and wrote an album, then went to America and wrote another one.”

“I can’t wait for you to hear it,” he adds. “A lot of people had an expectation of what I should do next and with success comes a lot of conversation around what Yungblud is and the perception of whatever the f*** I am and everyone’s got an opinion on it — but I’m so excited to release this because it’s just me.”

You can definitely hear that sentiment in Yungblud’s newest single, “Fleabag,” which just dropped earlier this month.

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