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Zipline Through The Trees Like A Rollercoaster and Nintendo’s Online Subscription in Nerdgasm News!




This Zipline Rollercoaster should be at Disneyland!


gif via Nerdist

It’s gonna be a few years before Star Wars Land opens up at Disneyland Theme Parks, but there’s a ride in Europe that’ll make you feel like you’re zipping through the Endor Forest. A company by the name of Skywalker UK (true story) have developed a zipline rollercoaster that’s suspended from the trees and can launch a rider as fast as 60 mph. Can you imagine, zipping in and out of the trees like a bird but definitely not as graceful. I’m not sure if my little Ewok heart could handle something like this.


Nintendo Switch Online will be free up until 2018, then it’s $20!

Nintendo Switch

If you’re one of the lucky folks that picked up a Nintendo Switch, I’m jealous, but what make even more jealous is the paid online subscriptions. Where other consoles usually have online subscriptions at $50 + per year, Nintendo is planning to roll out an annual fee of just $20. But if that’s still too much for you, a monthly fee would be just under $5. Along with that, you’ll have free access to a ton of retro games like Dr. Mario, Balloon Fight, Super Mario Bros. 3 plus new ones still to come. So even though the Switch is the cost of an XB1 or a PS4, at least the subscription and the games make it worth while…

*cough* Breathe Of The Wild *cough*


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